May Updates From HausOfArms

Color Case Hardened Frames
We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Turnbull Restoration, and we are now able to offer Color Case Hardened Frames.  Marty loved the ones that the custom shop used to offer, and he decided that it was time that we bring them back.  We are offering them in Encore Prohunter and G2 Contender pistol frame assemblies.  They can be used for pistol or rifle, and they are stunning.  Check out our youtube video for more information.

300 Blackout T/C Encore Barrels
We still have a few of the limited edition 300 Blackout Encore barrels from Thompson Center left.  These barrels were never sold, and they won't be in production.  We were able to get all 43 barrels that were produced, and we get to share them with our customers!  The barrels are blued, 16.25 inches, threaded, drilled, and tapped.  Because these barrels are not in production, we will not get anymore.  We won't see these again! 

Match Grade Machine/HausOfArms Barrels
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 6.5 PRC barrel from MGM.  It will be part of our May order, and we should have them in stock by the end of May.  Click here to read what MGM has to say about their new 6.5 PRC barrel.
In addition to the 6.5 PRC, we also have the following MGM barrels in stock:

50th Anniversary G2 Contenders
We are expecting our first shipment of the 50th Anniversary G2 Contenders in the coming months.  Thompson Center will only be releasing 500 of these limited edition G2 pistols.  We have ordered 50, and we still have a few left for pre-order.  TCA Members are eligible for a $100 discount, so be sure to join the TCA before you call to order!  

T/C Rebate Program
The T/C rebate program on frames ended on April 30th.  However, you have until May 31st to submit your rebate form to T/C-online or by mail.  Make sure you get your rebate form in as soon as possible if you haven't yet!

A Note From Marty
We try to release a new commemorative gun yearly on D-Day and Pearl Harbor Day.  This year won't be any different and won't disappoint!  Stay tuned for more information on June 6th.  

Shoot Straight and Be Safe, 
Marty and The HOA Crew
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