Haus of Arms Post SHOT Show Newsletter

Notes on Hinge Pins:


Did you know that you can use your smaller (looser) factory hinge pins to help guide your oversized hinge pins into the frame and barrel lug? Rather than putting the barrel and frame together loose and hoping the oversized pin “self guides” its way in just leave your factory hinge pin in place as you drive in the oversized hinge pin.

BE SURE to always use a lubricant to help guide the new pin into your frame. Not only does this make insertion easier, but it prevents damage to the frame or barrel lug due to unnecessary friction. The lube doesn’t have to be fancy, we most often use a cheap synthetic motor oil.

Last, we typically recommend driving the hinge pin in through the “driver’s side” of the frame. For right handed shooters it is the inside of the frame or left side as you’re facing the same direction as the muzzle. Incidentally the same principle applies when removing the pin.

Let’s get Muddy!!!


We have once again teamed up with our buddy Brett at Reaper Innovative Precision in Fort Collins, Colorado to bring you a new camo pattern exclusive to What is it? Muddy Girl Camo! We spend a lot of time talking to you fellas online and over the phone about an awesome rifle setup for your wives, girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, etc. Let’s just say these turned out fantastic and just in time for a belated Valentine’s Day.

Stepping out on a limb, we took 2 stripped Weathershield frames to Brett and he dipped the frames too. So… we currently have 2 frames, and 2 complete pro hunter, rifle pistol grip configuration stocks. They are available for purchase as a complete set, frame only or the stock only. After feeding our curiosity for what might look the best paired with this set, we found the matte blue/black barrels from Bergara serve to be a fantastic match.

Will we be offering Muddy Girl dipped barrels? No, that would be a pretty wild guessing game. BUT, if you’re interested in having a barrel dipped to match as a custom job we can accommodate that. Just ask!



Long time Haus of Arms supporter and customer Bill Reiner sent in the included picture of a nice Texas hog he took with one of our T/C Dimension rifles chambered in .308. Outstanding work, Bill and thanks for sharing!

If anyone else has photos they’d like to submit of game taken with a rifle, pistol or barrel you’ve purchased from HoA please share them. We love celebrating in your successful hunts, hand loading victories and MOA groups.


We’ve added the rugged and well known TALLEY brand mounts to our online store as well as our presence on ebay. Talley mounts are most notable for being a one piece optic mounting solution designed to reduce weight and improve accuracy. There’s a full line set to compliment your T/C Encore and Contender firearms so be sure to check them out or add them to your barrel order for your next build. Click here to see them all.



That’s right! Expect to see several giveaways rolling out over the course of the next couple of months to the tune of one every couple of weeks. We returned from SHOT Show with a suitcase full of goodies and there may or may not have been a large package received directly from T/C recently containing some one of a kind items you won’t (or will rarely) find in stores.

So pay attention! If you’re on the Facebook please like our page at to stay up to date with product announcements, T/C and HoA news as well as giveaway info. Pictured right is the first swag pack we’ll be giving away including a T/C camo ball cap, long sleeve T and a koozie. Keep your eyes peeled!

What if I told you…

 … that we are working with Boyd’s gun stocks to bring an adjustable (Marty calls it an “extendo”) butt stock that can grow with any shooter. Strange sounding maybe, but if you check out the attached photos you’ll see the system on a prototype Remington 700 stock where the length of pull can be adjusted to best suit the needs of the shooter.  

The goal is to have a butt stock with a bantam/youth sized length of pull for you to purchase as a starter and as your young shooter grows you can change the pull based on his or her needs.

This design is in early stages of development for our T/C firearms, but keep a close watch for a release date. We’re praying it’s sooner rather than later.

In regards to our Boyd's supply, there may be some additional PATIENCE NEEDED... Due to industry wide laminate shortage, we are incurring production delays of 2-3 weeks. If you order you will still receive, but the wait may be longer than you're typically used to with Haus of Arms shipping times. Just look at it like you are reserving your stock.

As always, thank you for your support and shoot straight,

Marty & Son